Flexy is a fitness-oriented social network with a native smartphone meet-up app.

Flexy is built around avid fitness enthusiasts and casual gym-goers alike, emphasizing and facilitating connections between those with similar wellness interests. These connections can be on a strictly social level, or they can also serve as a tool to find workout buddies and to explore new fitness interests. Whether you're looking for a yoga partner, weight lifting spotter, jogging buddy, training partners for a race/competition, teammates for a pickup sports team, or a friend for really any fitness activity, Flexy can help you make those connections and find a friend (or a Flexer, as we'd like to call them) for any of your favorite workouts. The iOS, Android, and Windows phone meetup app provides a way to easily connect with your fitness friends, or “Flexers", when you wish to meet up with them for a workout.

These connections are effectively leveraged through the native smartphone meet-up app, where you can send a meet-up invitation to a specific Flexer or broadcast your workout plans to any number of your connections. Consolidate your connections into groups based on your shared interests, such as your running group, your yoga group, your lifting group, etc., and broadcast your plans to a specific group. Never again will you have to:

  • Skip several risky lifts because you don't have a spot.
  • Feel awkward in a new yoga class with unfamiliar people.
  • Juggle texting conversations with 5+ different people while you're trying to put together a team for a pickup basketball game.
  • Skip your night run because you couldn't find a running buddy and you don't feel safe running alone at night.
  • Face the adversity of training for a competition alone.

Don't want to have to explicitly broadcast your plans to your groups? Instead, share your fitness schedule with your fellow Flexers using the Flexy calendar, or FlexCal. With FlexCal, it is extremely easy to link each type of workout you do to individual groups, so the running group will only see your running plans and the volleyball group will only see your volleyball plans, with anything else that you put into the calendar simply showing up as busy. The FlexCal overlay system, in which all of your connections' calendars are overlayed on top of each other, allows you to quickly see when and where each of your friends are planning to workout, with sending a meetup invitation being only a tap on their icon away. FlexCal seemlessly integrates with a variety of native smartphone calendar applications as well as desktop and web applications; if they have an API, we want to support it!

The combinaton of these connections and tools creates a social support structure around those that might want or need motivation to stay active, while providing a fun social connection structure for those with similar interests.

This entrepreneurial project is on hiatus while I focus on more research-oriented projects. However, I have been keeping an eye on the advent of fitness-oriented wearables and have been working on a comprehensive integration strategy, as well as developing other aspects of this product. Should it seem like the right time to all-out tackle this project at some point in the future, I'll be ready!

If interested in hearing more about this project, feel free to contact me.