Big Solution Manual

Mathematics/CS Project

Compiling solutions to exercises/problems from a large number of the canonical mathematics and computer science graduate-evel textbooks. Several advanced undergraduate textbooks are included as well.

Refer to the tables below to see my progress (these tables will be updated periodically.) I plan to make these solutions available once I have completed a few textbooks.

NOTE: The "Numbers of Problems Solved" is not accurate for these books right now. I will try to update these numbers soon.


Textbook: Number of Problems Solved:
Principles of Mathematical Analysis, 3rd. Ed. by Walter Rudin 50
Real and Complex Analysis by Walter Rudin 50
Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications by Gerald B. Folland 50
Complex Analysis by Gamelin 50
Algebra by Thomas Hungerford 50
Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher 50
Partial Differential Equations, 2nd. Ed. by Lawrence Evans 50

Computer Science

Textbook: Number of Problems Solved:
Algorithms by CLRS 50
Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach by Arora/Barak 50
Elements of Statistical Learning, 2nd. Ed. by Hastie/Tibshirani/Friedman 50
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher Bishop 50

If interested in hearing more about this project, feel free to contact me.