Hi, I'm Clark Zinzow

Aspiring Researcher, Software Engineer, & Freelance Web Developer


Recent graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison, with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Clark Zinzow

Aspiring Researcher, Software Engineer, & Freelance Web Developer

My name is Clark Zinzow, I'm a recent graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I have an avid interest in taking on challenging projects - whether it be in a research, entrepreneurial, professional, or recreational capacity - and I am continuing to follow that passion at Descartes Labs, as a software engineer on the product, research, and machine learning teams.

What I'm Up To

I'm working at Descartes Labs as a software engineer on the product, research, and machine learning teams. I'm building web applications, working on satellite imagery ingestion software, and some other stuff that I can't talk about. But I can assure you. it's some pretty neat stuff.

Research Interests and Project Areas
  • Applications of deep reinforcement learning, via different deep neural network architectures, to the planning problem in autonomous driving systems.
  • How to incorporate multiresolution persistent homology representations into probability models.
  • The quest for scene understanding in computer vision.
  • Applications of harmonic analysis, topology, Riemannian geometry, and dynamical mean field theory towards developing a rigorous mathematical framework for deep neural networks.
  • Cloud-based/distributed machine learning platforms.
  • Large-scale nonlinear optimization.
  • Developing concurrent data structures and multithreaded algorithms.
  • Investigating the viability of quantum machine learning.
  • A variety of more specific machine learning problems.
  • Small queries into combinatorial game theory.
  • Several problems in the spectral theory of self-adjoint (e.g. Schrödinger) operators.
  • Several areas of computational complexity theory.
  • Online failure prediction for large data centers.

At any given time, I am typically working on four or five projects focused on some subset of these interests. See my project portfolio below for more information on many of these areas.

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Descartes Labs

Software Engineer

I work as a software engineer on the product, research, and machine learning teams.

I build web applications, work on satellite image ingestion software, and other stuff that I can't talk about.



University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science

I recently completed my Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at UW-Madison. I have taken the following classes (classes above 700 are graduate classes):

Computer Science classes
CS 302: Intro to Programming CS 352: Digital Systems
CS 354: Computer Organization CS 367: Data Structures
Math/CS 435: Cryptography CS 536: Compilers
CS 537: Operating Systems CS 540: Artificial Intelligence
CS 552: Computer Architecture CS 577: Algorithms
CS 640: Networks CS 710: Computational Complexity
Math/CS 726: Nonlinear Optimization I CS 761: Advanced Machine Learning
CS 766: Computer Vision CS 787: Advanced Algorithms
Mathematics classes
Math/CS 240: Discrete Mathematics Math 319: Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 340: Linear Algebra Math 431: Probability Theory
Math/CS 475: Combinatorics Math 521: Analysis I
Math 522: Analysis II Math 541: Modern Algebra
Math 551: Topology Math 571: Mathematical Logic
Math 704: Applied Mathematics II Math/CS 715: Computational Mathematics II
Math 721: Graduate Analysis I Math 751: Algebraic Topology I




Web Developer/Technical Consultant

For Benefit Concepts, I created a dynamic, persistent parallax company website using a custom Bootstrap-Material design hybrid CSS framework.

In addition to my web development work, I researched Human Resources and payroll software systems in order to determine if the company should include said software within their products and services package. In order to improve the company's efficiency and data persistency, I set up cloud services solutions for these problems and provided the requisite documentation to give each employee the knowledge to fully utilize the services. I also set up the company's encrypted e-mail system via Microsoft Azure RMS and maintained that system.




Software Engineer/Web Developer

For 100State/100Health, I helped develop several web apps that focused on improving healthcare and helping the Madison community. Through the use of the MEAN stack, I obtained a large amount of JavaScript and JavaScript framework programming experience. I also learned a lot about agile software development frameworks for managing product development, along with many other useful methodologies and technologies, from former Epic Systems software engineers.



Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Technology Consultant/IT Support/Administrative Assistant

For Northwestern Mutual, I provided consultation on choosing the best enterprise and personal software and cloud services for the typical financial advisor's workflow, and ensured that said software and cloud services were compliant with Northwestern Mutual's security standards.



Division of Information Technology at UW-Madison

Web Developer

For DoIT, I carried out web development contract work for a variety of UW-Madison departments, creating full websites, custom WordPress plugins and themes, and providing general website maintenance. Through these projects, I learned how to complete a complex development project efficiently via test-driven development, issue tracking, and good programming practices.



UW-Madison Office of Human Resources

Payroll Services/Foreign National Processing

For UW-Madison OHR, I processed missed payroll requests and foreign nationals' tax forms, requiring research into complex non-resident alien tax compliance issues. I learned how to use several large software systems, including Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, UW-Madison's Human Resource System, and Arctic International's Glacier Non-Resident Alien Tax Compliance System.



Purple Comet Math Meet

IT Support

For the Purple Comet Math Meet, I assisted users of purplecomet.org with any difficulties with the website or with the math competition. I gained valuable people skills by providing IT support to team supervisors in high-pressure situations (the timed competition was underway), learning how to manage the stressful situations by providing calm instructions to fix the problem.

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  • +1 (262) 903-0034
  • czinzow@wisc.edu
  • 434 W Mifflin St Apt 116, Madison, WI

Please feel free to contact me if you believe that I could be a good candidate for any position, if you wish to collaborate on some research or a project, or if you just want to chat.